Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still Thinking....

Sorry, I haven't posted in the last week. I was out of town all last week spending quality time with my family in Greenville, while Brian was away on a business trip in Atlanta. When I'm at home it just feel an overwhelming feeling.....a feeling that is hard to explain, but a feeling that let's me know I love that place and I'm so thankful to have it to go back to whenever I want. I especially love spending time with my precious niece Kenleigh. She is growing so fast and changing so much. She's starting to put her words together and it is hilarious. Every time I come around she says, "Where Brian at?" and I say, "He's at work sweetheart." She'll look at me with her big brown eyes, smile and say, "oh Kel Kel, Brian work." And then she goes on her marry way. I'm excited that she and my sister (Brandy) are coming this weekend. Having Kenleigh around makes my heart smile and continues to let me know I want to be a mother again, I want another precious baby boy or girl to have, hold, and love. I'm good at being an Aunt. Kenleigh and I have so much fun, she's my little side kick when she's around. She loves her Aunt Kel Kel (me of course).

Talk to you soon,


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