Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Child Support


The link above is an interview from 2 fathers who are in jail as I type, because of non-support of Child.  I know neither of these men and have no idea of their background, but I do feel sympathy for these men.  I understand the need to pay your court ordered child-support amount each month, and I do understand the "Dead Beat Parent" operations is to find those men and women that owe thousands of dollars, but what I do not understand is how our system can arrest these people, lock them up,  and hold them until arrangement can be made?

This whole thing confuses the heck out of me. Our system wants these so called "Dead Beat" parents to pay their child support, but are not helping them arrange payment plans or assistance.  I understand the need to warn them and have them show proof of work history or have them keep a weekly log of jobs they have been applying to.  If someone is honestly trying to find "Legal" work, why should they be arrested and kept in a cell until their court dates?

I was unemployed for nearly 3 years when I lived in Southport, NC.  I applied to over a 100 plus jobs in and around the area.  Some of those jobs called and said I was too experienced, while 90% of them never called me back or sent me a letter stated I had not be selected for the position.  I often think back to those LONG 3 years of no work, and can relate to someone like Mr. Weaver in the article.  If I had had a child and the courts summoned me to pay a monthly child-support amount, I would have been in jail as well.  Like I said in the beginning, I don't have a clue whom these men are in the article, and they may be terrible parents, but to be held in a cell, have your mug shot plastered on the front page of the paper, and be called a criminal just doesn't seem right, for someone who is behind on child-support.

We have WAY to much crime going on in our world to worry about a few bucks that needs to be paid.  An active parent that is trying, should not be listed in the same "DEAD BEAT" phrase as someone who is not active in their child's life and has no intention of paying for their child.

Shouldn't  our Officers of the Law worry more about the criminals who are KILLING innocent people? I know I would feel a lot safer if they did......