Thursday, September 30, 2010

The moving begins...

We moved most of what Brian will need to Greenville last weekend. He's going to live behind my aunt and uncle in their barn that has been turned into a very cute one bedroom apartment. My cousin and his wife lived there for a little while and fixed it up super cute. We are very thankful for my family to extend this place to Brian for now, and to me once I get back to Greenville in December. Its perfect for us until we figure out where and what we want to do once we are together again. I am beyond ecstatic about moving home. I just wish I could go with Brian next week, but a little distance may be good for us. (haha)

I will have to admit, it felt strange watching Brian pack up our things and then both of us deciding what he needed and wanted, and what I needed and wanted. I got a little emotional, because I felt like he was leaving me. My heart hurt a little. I guess I never expected to see Brian leave for a few months, especially with out me. Plenty of married couples do this everyday, so I know we can weather this storm as well. Well, I guess its not a storm, but a small delay in moving forward. Something we have wanted and prayed for, for a while now. Just another sign that God is doing his magic, and that Baby Austin is holding our hands with each step.

So here we go, Brian officially moves this weekend and starts his new position on Monday. Should be an easy transition for him. He worked in the Greenville Sherwin Williams store for 4 years, so he knows a little about the contractors and company's he will work with. I'm excited for him. He is meant to be a sales rep. He can talk to anything and isn't scared. Good thing one of us is more extroverted than the other. I could care less about trying to sell something (hehe).

Keep us all in your prayers as we start a new POSITIVE phase in our life.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Remembering last year at this time....

Last year at this time I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Austin. I was getting bigger, he was getting bigger in my belly, and all I kept thinking was I can't wait to see that sweet face. I was wobbling around the volleyball court with my girls trying to still hit balls at them, when I knew all to0 well I should be at home with my feet propped up and relaxing. But if you know me, you know that would NEVER happen, especially when I had a volleyball team that needed me.

Brian and I were eating dinner last night and I saw a lady come in that was probably 35 weeks plus pregnant. I told Brian, "Can you believe that was us last year this time?" He said, "I know, it all still seems so unreal." So unreal is right. I will never forget how I felt during those last few weeks, really who could, but it does seem like a lifetime ago. Last year this time we were overwhelmed with excitement, anticipation, and fear of how Austin would change our lives. Today, all we have our memories of the the precious time that God allowed us to have with our son.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Moving Home

Everyone get yourself ready, The Brumble's are moving back to Greenville. The best news we have had in a very long time. We have been trying so hard to get our house sold and at least move into Wilmington, but with the market we knew it was gonna take some time. Not to mention where we live is in the middle of no where. But, we finally got the prayer we have been asking for. Like they say, third times a charm. The last 2 opportunities just didn't land at a good time. I told Brian that when this 3rd opportunity came up a few weeks ago, that it really was too perfect. I have time to finish my volleyball season and finish the semester at UNCW. He has time to move and get adjustedto his new responsibilites before I can move, and work on the little things that he so desperately need right now.

I'm not gonna paint everyone a perfect picture, we struggle at times and losing Austin adds to that frustration. I was ready to give up and then God put this in our hands. His timing is always right when we need it, so I know he wants us to work through this together. He's answering our prayers and I can not be more excited.

We are moving home! I'm gonna be able to hopefully find a part-time job and continue working on my mathematics certification. I've got an awesome friend at South Central who wants me to help her with volleyball and I have other supporters asking me to get back involved in the volleyball community that I helped build for many years. All which make my smile a little bit wider. Right now I don't know what direction I will go, but I know God is listening. I ask him sometimes if he is, but I know he is and I can not wait to see what he has in store for me and my family!

What out Greenville, we are coming home. Back to my baby boy, back to my family, and back to great friends!


Friday, September 10, 2010

I have lost my marbles

How does a person (me) wake up, start studying for what I thought was going to be a quiz today, end up reading the clock wrong and completely throwing my schedule off track a whole hour? I don't know if it was the extra dose of Adderall, or if I'm just completely losing it. I have had a difficult week. Traveling with the volleyball team and then having tons of homework due, which might I add to you all, is all due online. Plus, I'm in class most of the day and an hour away from my house. I believe, no I know, I'm officially losing it. Good thing my teacher decided to not give a quiz this morning. I went in his office an hour late and was hoping to persuade him to let me take my quiz, but thank you sweet Jesus, he decided not to give one. My prayer on the way to school was answered. Thank you God! Sometimes I wonder if he's listening to me, but on this day he was..... I just hope I get my Brain back to normal. Stress is all I can think of.

Ready to get to Greenville, relax, watch football, and then get my brain refreshed for another crazy week. Whewwwwww........


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beyond Frustrated

I'm beyond frustrated with my life right now.

I've got professors who think it's OK to have homework assignments due at 12am on Sunday nights (both classes).

I have a husband who thinks we can run around the world and back to watch every football game that is known to man.

I have a group of teenage girls who want to win at the game of Volleyball, but some of them (not all) don't want to change their approach to the game.

I have a huge test this Friday, that I haven't had time to study for yet. Let me remind you it's Wednesday night.

I have a quiz in my other Math class, which I missed today because I was too lazy to get out of bed and go! Yes I like my sleep and lately I don't give a flip what I have to do, I only want to do my own thing.

I have laundry that needs to be done before we leave for Greenville this weekend.

I have a house that is upside down, because I'm never home to clean it anymore.

I have a husband who doesn't know how to chill the F*** out and takes all his frustrations out on me. (Fair you ask? Not one bit!) I do EVERYTHING in our house except go to a job 60 hours a week. Which I'm sure would make him happy, but then again, it probably wouldn't.

I have a therapist, who does have some good pointer, but wants me to take DEEP breathes and SLOW down my mental process when times get tough. Yea, Its not working.... I'm sure you sense that in this post.

I need a housekeeper, I need a job, I need a more compassionate husband, I need a STRONG happy pill! And go ahead and add a HIGH dose of Aderall so I can find time to stay focused and get all my chores done, along with my school work.

"God," I ask, "Why do you feel that I can handle all of this? Can't you pick on someone else who is a little more stable? Please, pick on someone else before I have a mental break down at age 31." Thanks Kellie