Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I was reflecting on the sweet pictures I have taken with my boys, when I came across this picture of me and Andrew.  

                                   Happy is the son whose faith in his mother remains unchallenged. 
Louisa May Alcott

Words can not describe how much I adore this little boy.  Andrew has brought a sense of Happiness back into our family that was taken from all of us the day we lost our first son (Austin Charles).  I can not thank God enough for allowing me to be a mother again, because there were many times after Austin passed away that I didn't think God wanted me to be a mother.  "Was that why he took my son?" I would ask?  "Why did he choose me/us?"  Those questions still stay close to my heart, and there's not a day that goes bye, that I don't reflect on what my purpose on this earth is.............Right now, I feel my purpose is to be the best mom and wife I can be.  And to teach the young women I  coach, how to be strong and fight for what they believe in.  Nothing in life is ever easy, if it were we would all be billionaires.  


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Child Support


The link above is an interview from 2 fathers who are in jail as I type, because of non-support of Child.  I know neither of these men and have no idea of their background, but I do feel sympathy for these men.  I understand the need to pay your court ordered child-support amount each month, and I do understand the "Dead Beat Parent" operations is to find those men and women that owe thousands of dollars, but what I do not understand is how our system can arrest these people, lock them up,  and hold them until arrangement can be made?

This whole thing confuses the heck out of me. Our system wants these so called "Dead Beat" parents to pay their child support, but are not helping them arrange payment plans or assistance.  I understand the need to warn them and have them show proof of work history or have them keep a weekly log of jobs they have been applying to.  If someone is honestly trying to find "Legal" work, why should they be arrested and kept in a cell until their court dates?

I was unemployed for nearly 3 years when I lived in Southport, NC.  I applied to over a 100 plus jobs in and around the area.  Some of those jobs called and said I was too experienced, while 90% of them never called me back or sent me a letter stated I had not be selected for the position.  I often think back to those LONG 3 years of no work, and can relate to someone like Mr. Weaver in the article.  If I had had a child and the courts summoned me to pay a monthly child-support amount, I would have been in jail as well.  Like I said in the beginning, I don't have a clue whom these men are in the article, and they may be terrible parents, but to be held in a cell, have your mug shot plastered on the front page of the paper, and be called a criminal just doesn't seem right, for someone who is behind on child-support.

We have WAY to much crime going on in our world to worry about a few bucks that needs to be paid.  An active parent that is trying, should not be listed in the same "DEAD BEAT" phrase as someone who is not active in their child's life and has no intention of paying for their child.

Shouldn't  our Officers of the Law worry more about the criminals who are KILLING innocent people? I know I would feel a lot safer if they did......


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!  Our family had a fun day sitting and laughing with everyone.  We got my mom the Jack Rogers she has been wanting for a while now, and Andrew gave Nana a 60 minute European Facial, which leads me and my mother into this conversation.... And while reading notice how she's not exactly sure what Andrew's gift is.....

Mom:  "what is this?"

Me: " A European Facial."

Mom: "But there's no price amount for what I can spend?"

Me:  "We already purchased the Facial, All you need to do is call and make the appointment."

Mom: "Oh!"

The best part.......

Mom: "Well what do I do about my make-up, will they put my make-up back on? I'm not leaving without my make-up on."

Me:  "You will have to take your Make-up and re-apply after your appointment...."

Mom:" Ok, Because I'm not gonna want to leave without my make-up and jewelry on...."

If you know my mother, this a typical response form her.  She NEVER, I mean NEVER, leaves the house with out her Jewelry and make up on. She is always dazzled up.  Make-up perfect, jewelry perfect, and clothes perfect.

When she was laid off a few months, we went shopping to buy yoga pants and cute running shirts.  This was hard for her, because she's never been one to get excited to walk in the Nike Outlet.  She would rather shop in her DIVA shops, however this day she was all smiles as we picked out comfy clothes for her to lounge around in.

Deborah is a mess, as most people who know her, call her Hammer.  Not really sure why, but everywhere we go, old friends ask, "How's Hammer doing?"  We always respond, "Same as she's always been".....Kind, Caring, Too Giving, Selfless, Strong, and The Best Mom and Nana a girl could ask for!

We love Love Nana!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Making It Back...

I'm trying to attempt to make it back into the blogging world after 6 months of nothing.  Let's just say my mobile 11 month old is more than a full-time job.  Attempting to type or even play on the computer when he's not napping is not ever going to happen.  Trust me I've tried.  I've sat him down with all his toys and within seconds he is under the computer desk pulling cords, or pulling on whatever he can find around him.  I've also tried letting him sit in my lap, well....let's just say the keyboard fascinates him and everything else on the desk.  Soooooo, trying to do anything is pretty much impossible.  Instead, we play, sing, and chase each other around the house.  Once your child becomes mobile, good luck trying to accomplish anything.  Therefore my house is a complete upside down mess, with toys everywhere, and laundry baskets overflowing.  Trying to fit time into blogging is not something I have been able to do.

I envy those mothers who keep it together with multiple kids.  I already need to hire a Nanny to help me clean and cook.  There are just not enough hours in the day to accomplish your overall "To-Do" list.  Thank goodness for my parents who take care of Andrew for me while I work 4 hours a day.  If it wasn't for their help, I might would lose my sanity.  So props, to all the stay at home mothers who keep it together.  There should be employment checks from the government for you.  I mean, the lazy unemployed individual in our world pull money every week for our government.  Why can't a mom do the same?  But that would be a whole different type of blog.  Maybe for another day.  ha ha!!

Back to my point, If there really is a point.... Instead of doing things that NEED to be done around our home front, I watch Andrew....

I watch him laugh,

I watch him play,

 and  I watch him learn new developmental skills.

 And don't think I can just SIT and watch, no no, I am constantly chasing him from room-to-room.  We had a gate up, thinking he would stay, but nope, he learned quickly how to pull the latch and continue "crip-crawling" as we call it.

I'm gonna try and do better at keeping the few people who are interested in our lives updated.  We live day-to-day.  Being parents who have lost a child, you learn to make each day important, because as Brian and I know, Tomorrow is not guarenteed.