Thursday, September 30, 2010

The moving begins...

We moved most of what Brian will need to Greenville last weekend. He's going to live behind my aunt and uncle in their barn that has been turned into a very cute one bedroom apartment. My cousin and his wife lived there for a little while and fixed it up super cute. We are very thankful for my family to extend this place to Brian for now, and to me once I get back to Greenville in December. Its perfect for us until we figure out where and what we want to do once we are together again. I am beyond ecstatic about moving home. I just wish I could go with Brian next week, but a little distance may be good for us. (haha)

I will have to admit, it felt strange watching Brian pack up our things and then both of us deciding what he needed and wanted, and what I needed and wanted. I got a little emotional, because I felt like he was leaving me. My heart hurt a little. I guess I never expected to see Brian leave for a few months, especially with out me. Plenty of married couples do this everyday, so I know we can weather this storm as well. Well, I guess its not a storm, but a small delay in moving forward. Something we have wanted and prayed for, for a while now. Just another sign that God is doing his magic, and that Baby Austin is holding our hands with each step.

So here we go, Brian officially moves this weekend and starts his new position on Monday. Should be an easy transition for him. He worked in the Greenville Sherwin Williams store for 4 years, so he knows a little about the contractors and company's he will work with. I'm excited for him. He is meant to be a sales rep. He can talk to anything and isn't scared. Good thing one of us is more extroverted than the other. I could care less about trying to sell something (hehe).

Keep us all in your prayers as we start a new POSITIVE phase in our life.


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  1. I will definitely be praying for you guys! I am so excited for you!!