Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beyond Frustrated

I'm beyond frustrated with my life right now.

I've got professors who think it's OK to have homework assignments due at 12am on Sunday nights (both classes).

I have a husband who thinks we can run around the world and back to watch every football game that is known to man.

I have a group of teenage girls who want to win at the game of Volleyball, but some of them (not all) don't want to change their approach to the game.

I have a huge test this Friday, that I haven't had time to study for yet. Let me remind you it's Wednesday night.

I have a quiz in my other Math class, which I missed today because I was too lazy to get out of bed and go! Yes I like my sleep and lately I don't give a flip what I have to do, I only want to do my own thing.

I have laundry that needs to be done before we leave for Greenville this weekend.

I have a house that is upside down, because I'm never home to clean it anymore.

I have a husband who doesn't know how to chill the F*** out and takes all his frustrations out on me. (Fair you ask? Not one bit!) I do EVERYTHING in our house except go to a job 60 hours a week. Which I'm sure would make him happy, but then again, it probably wouldn't.

I have a therapist, who does have some good pointer, but wants me to take DEEP breathes and SLOW down my mental process when times get tough. Yea, Its not working.... I'm sure you sense that in this post.

I need a housekeeper, I need a job, I need a more compassionate husband, I need a STRONG happy pill! And go ahead and add a HIGH dose of Aderall so I can find time to stay focused and get all my chores done, along with my school work.

"God," I ask, "Why do you feel that I can handle all of this? Can't you pick on someone else who is a little more stable? Please, pick on someone else before I have a mental break down at age 31." Thanks Kellie



  1. i love you kelkel.
    if you come to greenville this weekend... and we stay in town... can i see you pretty face? i'll keep you updated on our travel status.

    ps- my husband sucks a fat ass too.

  2. God, I can't type. can i see you pretty face? what does that even mean? let me retype that.... can i see youR pretty face? haha! loko.