Thursday, September 23, 2010

Remembering last year at this time....

Last year at this time I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Austin. I was getting bigger, he was getting bigger in my belly, and all I kept thinking was I can't wait to see that sweet face. I was wobbling around the volleyball court with my girls trying to still hit balls at them, when I knew all to0 well I should be at home with my feet propped up and relaxing. But if you know me, you know that would NEVER happen, especially when I had a volleyball team that needed me.

Brian and I were eating dinner last night and I saw a lady come in that was probably 35 weeks plus pregnant. I told Brian, "Can you believe that was us last year this time?" He said, "I know, it all still seems so unreal." So unreal is right. I will never forget how I felt during those last few weeks, really who could, but it does seem like a lifetime ago. Last year this time we were overwhelmed with excitement, anticipation, and fear of how Austin would change our lives. Today, all we have our memories of the the precious time that God allowed us to have with our son.


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