Friday, September 17, 2010

Moving Home

Everyone get yourself ready, The Brumble's are moving back to Greenville. The best news we have had in a very long time. We have been trying so hard to get our house sold and at least move into Wilmington, but with the market we knew it was gonna take some time. Not to mention where we live is in the middle of no where. But, we finally got the prayer we have been asking for. Like they say, third times a charm. The last 2 opportunities just didn't land at a good time. I told Brian that when this 3rd opportunity came up a few weeks ago, that it really was too perfect. I have time to finish my volleyball season and finish the semester at UNCW. He has time to move and get adjustedto his new responsibilites before I can move, and work on the little things that he so desperately need right now.

I'm not gonna paint everyone a perfect picture, we struggle at times and losing Austin adds to that frustration. I was ready to give up and then God put this in our hands. His timing is always right when we need it, so I know he wants us to work through this together. He's answering our prayers and I can not be more excited.

We are moving home! I'm gonna be able to hopefully find a part-time job and continue working on my mathematics certification. I've got an awesome friend at South Central who wants me to help her with volleyball and I have other supporters asking me to get back involved in the volleyball community that I helped build for many years. All which make my smile a little bit wider. Right now I don't know what direction I will go, but I know God is listening. I ask him sometimes if he is, but I know he is and I can not wait to see what he has in store for me and my family!

What out Greenville, we are coming home. Back to my baby boy, back to my family, and back to great friends!


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