Friday, September 10, 2010

I have lost my marbles

How does a person (me) wake up, start studying for what I thought was going to be a quiz today, end up reading the clock wrong and completely throwing my schedule off track a whole hour? I don't know if it was the extra dose of Adderall, or if I'm just completely losing it. I have had a difficult week. Traveling with the volleyball team and then having tons of homework due, which might I add to you all, is all due online. Plus, I'm in class most of the day and an hour away from my house. I believe, no I know, I'm officially losing it. Good thing my teacher decided to not give a quiz this morning. I went in his office an hour late and was hoping to persuade him to let me take my quiz, but thank you sweet Jesus, he decided not to give one. My prayer on the way to school was answered. Thank you God! Sometimes I wonder if he's listening to me, but on this day he was..... I just hope I get my Brain back to normal. Stress is all I can think of.

Ready to get to Greenville, relax, watch football, and then get my brain refreshed for another crazy week. Whewwwwww........


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