Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Volleyball has begun

Hi all, Sorry I haven't written in a while. I haven't been in the mood and really didn't have the words to put up on the screen. Brian and I just got back from family vacation with the Brumble clan. Lots of fun in the sun and laughing with everyone. We are out growing our usual head quarters, so we are all praying that we can convince a few to get a BIG house next year. A big house would be fabulous.

Well yesterday started a new season of volleyball at CAPE FEAR ACADEMY. Excited to get back in the gym, but lots of work and long hours in store. I use to be able to run all over that court with them, but 20 lbs heavier, sciatic nerve problems, and being out of Volleyball shape for having a baby last fall makes me look like a little turtle out there. Maybe this will get me back in shape. I run, lift weights, eat healthy, but volleyball shape is much much different. If you play you will understand stand.

Well off to get ready for another day of 3 hours of practice. So glad when we get everyone in the gym and back to par. I can do so much more in 2 hours of practice than stretching it out to just one more hour. I think I even lose focused. Back to the grind..... Back will probably detach today. I already walk around like a grandma!


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