Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Been a while...

Its been a few weeks since I've posted. Haven't really had a lot to write about. We've had our ups and downs over the last few weeks, but we're making it day by day. I finally got the crib down and set the room back up into a guest room. I still don't want anyone in there except for me and Brian. Call me selfish, but that's suppose to be my baby's room, NOT a guest room. So for now we have it set up so that our house can be shown. Now if we can get our slake butt realtor to do her job, maybe just maybe she can sell it for us. If not, I'm putting a FOR SALE by owner and do it myself. 60 days left in our contract and if she doesn't sell it, she is FIRED!

But on a good note........
Thank goodness for a good time with great friends and lots of beach time. I never really grew up loving the beach, but as I've gotten older (and since I meet my hubby) I've grown to really enjoy the nice breezy days on the beach. We have our Annual Brumble Family Vacation in Myrtle Beach a week from today. Lots of family time, with lots of people. Waiting turns to shower, sleeping on couches and bunk beds, fun but hectic too. Hopefully one day we can all get a HUGE house on the beach to sleep all 20 of us, but until then we are cramped into a little condo stepping over suitcases and fighting just to go pee! (HAHAHA :) )


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