Monday, August 16, 2010

Young Team

Volleyball is officially up and running. We have played 4 matches and we are 1-3. Not exactly how I pictured us starting the season, but we have played 2 really good teams which should give us a bunch of experience going into our conference games. We are very young team with 5 freshman, 1 sophomore, 3 Juniors, and 1 senior. I was hoping for a bigger turn out, but in a private school its hard to get good numbers. Hopefully, we can get to winning and start to turn this season around. I'm sure we will be fine in a few weeks. The girls are working hard and I know in time good things will happen. That's why we put all those hours in a gym. Now if only I can get the parents to understand that their child NEEDS to be at practice everyday.... Not when they feel the need to come. I love my girls, but I miss the competitive training. I know one day I'll be back at that level, I just have to be PATIENT. Which if you know me, IS not my thing! But until then its back to the drawing board to figure out what and how we can get this season turned around! GO HURRICANES!!!

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