Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2 more days

Yes, I'm counting the days down until Austin's 1st Birthday. I'm still a little nervous about Thursday. I had a little melt down yesterday at Jersey Mike's while eating lunch. Thinking back to last October 19th when I was sitting in the doctors office with my blood pressure 190/100 waiting impatiently for them to send me over to the hospital. I gained 20 pounds in one week, and I couldn't even see the bones in my feet because they were so swollen. I kept telling the doctors in our practice that something was not right. I didn't spend 4 years learning BP readings and working another 5 years doing BP reading and educating people of what is a good BP and what is not for nothing. My normal BP before having Austin, always ran 96/65. Never higher and never lower. Always on the low end. So when I noticed that it continuously kept creeping at each doctors appointment I knew something was going on. Of course my brilliant doctor (sense the humor) told me to cut back on sodium and drink more water. Really? Was all I thought. I still workout, I still teach aerobics, I still eat healthy, and all I drink is water. I guess that's why they pay him the BIG bucks, to tell a pregnant woman with a BP of 190/100 to eat less sodium. Still angers me.

Ok I'll get back to my purpose......

Thursday, October 21, 2010 is Austin's 1st Birthday. It's a day that Brian and I will have to spend without our baby boy. I know god is looking out for us, and I keep praying that he holds our hands a little tighter on Thursday. I will never forget October 21, 2009. 8 hours of labor, a lot of pain, and a sweet little angel that was given to us. We could only hold him for 3 months, but he will forever be in our hearts. I'd give anything to have him here with us.... ANYTHING!


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