Monday, June 14, 2010

For Brian

We are still waiting to hear about our hush hush news. We should definitely know by Wednesday if its a yes or no. I think we are both getting impatient. We want this so bad, and we have to wait. We know God's path for us is getting a little brighter, we are just ready to know for sure if its what we have been praying for. Either way, if its not the news we would like to hear, we are ok with that and will continue to pray that we get it one day.

On another note....
Everyone please pray for Brian as the next 2 months are gonna be a tough one for him. Father's day is approaching(June 20th), our 2 year anniversary, and what would have been Austin's 8th month with us (June 21st). He's had a rough couple of days. And I know all to well what he's feeling with father's day approaching. I pray for God to hold his hands a little tighter as he faces father's day with out Austin. Brian is not a man to show a lot of emotions, so when I see him break, I know he is hurting. He is also gonna celebrate his 27th birthday on July 21st, which would have been Austin's 9th month with us. Please help lift him up in your prayers, he's gonna need all he can get.

Once we hear about our "news" I will be sure to tell everyone. We are very excited, and pray its gonna be a reality very very soon!


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