Friday, May 11, 2012

Making It Back...

I'm trying to attempt to make it back into the blogging world after 6 months of nothing.  Let's just say my mobile 11 month old is more than a full-time job.  Attempting to type or even play on the computer when he's not napping is not ever going to happen.  Trust me I've tried.  I've sat him down with all his toys and within seconds he is under the computer desk pulling cords, or pulling on whatever he can find around him.  I've also tried letting him sit in my lap, well....let's just say the keyboard fascinates him and everything else on the desk.  Soooooo, trying to do anything is pretty much impossible.  Instead, we play, sing, and chase each other around the house.  Once your child becomes mobile, good luck trying to accomplish anything.  Therefore my house is a complete upside down mess, with toys everywhere, and laundry baskets overflowing.  Trying to fit time into blogging is not something I have been able to do.

I envy those mothers who keep it together with multiple kids.  I already need to hire a Nanny to help me clean and cook.  There are just not enough hours in the day to accomplish your overall "To-Do" list.  Thank goodness for my parents who take care of Andrew for me while I work 4 hours a day.  If it wasn't for their help, I might would lose my sanity.  So props, to all the stay at home mothers who keep it together.  There should be employment checks from the government for you.  I mean, the lazy unemployed individual in our world pull money every week for our government.  Why can't a mom do the same?  But that would be a whole different type of blog.  Maybe for another day.  ha ha!!

Back to my point, If there really is a point.... Instead of doing things that NEED to be done around our home front, I watch Andrew....

I watch him laugh,

I watch him play,

 and  I watch him learn new developmental skills.

 And don't think I can just SIT and watch, no no, I am constantly chasing him from room-to-room.  We had a gate up, thinking he would stay, but nope, he learned quickly how to pull the latch and continue "crip-crawling" as we call it.

I'm gonna try and do better at keeping the few people who are interested in our lives updated.  We live day-to-day.  Being parents who have lost a child, you learn to make each day important, because as Brian and I know, Tomorrow is not guarenteed.


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