Wednesday, January 19, 2011

21 weeks and counting

Currently 21 weeks along. Went to the doctor's today and everything seems to be trucking along as it should be. I finally gained 6 pounds. I have lost a total of 15 pounds since I found out I was pregnant back in September. The weight just keep coming off. Each doctors visit from the previous months, I had lost at least 5 lbs each month. So I was glad to see I put a little weight back on. I wasn't really worried, I knew it would come.... eventually! At this point in my pregnancy with Austin, I had tacked on 20 extra pounds. Just goes to show how each pregnancy is different. He's moving around, punching me at night, and hiccuping every time I drink a fountain soda. AMAZING! What a blessing to have the opportunity to be parent again. Hurry up May 27th, I'm ready to meet my baby boy.

We also got some very exciting news today. My cousin and his wife are expecting just 8 weeks after Baby Brumble is due. Needless to say the Meeks's will be busy this summer spoiling 2 little precious babies.



  1. Yayyy! Such an exciting time for everyone. :-)