Sunday, April 25, 2010

My first blog

I was hesitant at first to start my own blog, however after reading a friends, I decided that it was time to let the world know what is/and does go on in my life daily.

My husband Brian and I just recently lost our baby boy, Austin Charles Brumble, to what they call SIDS. He was a happy, healthy little boy that gave us so much happiness and excitement, that its just painful to understand why GOD took our precious baby boy away. Not a day goes by that we don't think of precious baby Austin and wonder what our life would be like if he was still with us.

He was his daddy from head to toe. However, he did have my Blue eyes and fair skin, but everything else about him was all from his daddy. He was a true Lil' Brumble as we called him! He was my whole heart and kept me on my toes all day long. I can still remember him crying because he wanted his mommy to hold him. Not just anyone could settle him, it was just me. As soon as I would pick him up he would give me that beautiful smile and just relax. Its amazing how babies know who their mommy's are and how a mommy can make everything better.

I was fortunate to stay at home with him. Brian and I both agreed that daycare was not where we wanted to send him. Not that we are against daycare, but that we both wanted Austin to be at home for the first year, to keep him out of the doctors office with sniffles and colds that most infants experience due to daycare and other infants they are around. I was blessed that God allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom and that Brian was willing to sacrifice his sanity for both Austin and I. There were times I thought we were both gonna break, but we managed to make it and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Well that's all I got right now. I promise to keep posting blogs as much as I can. I've decided that it will be a good way for me to see my progress and write about my journey. I've been keeping up with a couple of parents who have lost their child in the same way that we lost our sweet little Austin. I want to be able to read through my posts and see how I've grown from now til whenever that day is..... God Bless everyone and I hope to find guidance through the help of so many others who have experienced the loss of a child as Brian and I have!

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  1. I'm so glad you started a blog. Mine has been such a help to me, especially in the grieving process. I'm a pretty private person,so I don't share a lot of my feelings with people one on one. However, I will write it down in a heartbeat....all of it...as ugly as it may be. I hope blogging can bring you comfort as well. Not much brings us comfort in these situations, but I know we just take what we can get in the way of a few moments of relief. Thinking of you guys....